The weekend before school started up again we were looking to get out of town for a little while. The weather was beginning to get cold and we figured a quick trip to one of the hot springs nearby would alleviate our anxiety before school, and it did! The weather was great for it, honestly even more rain would have helped. 🙂

mcredie-1-of-16Kath and her green machine.mcredie-2-of-16mcredie-4-of-16mcredie-5-of-16mcredie-6-of-16We were only an hour out of Eugene, but the weather had changed completely. The last time we’d visited this hot spring, the trails were completely iced over.mcredie-8-of-16mcredie-9-of-16mcredie-10-of-16mcredie-11-of-16mcredie-12-of-16mcredie-13-of-16mcredie-14-of-16mcredie-15-of-16mcredie-16-of-16


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