Because I just found out that I might be returning to Singapore this summer, and because I just found these photos on my desktop. Here’s a short list of things I’m looking forward to when returning home…

(these pictures were taken right after I bought my new Nikon D700, so these were test shots, unedited)

11Pigeons, oh so many pigeons

14Mixed architectural styles and cute city streets

15Culture! (yes, how about that. Something you didn’t know you missed until you spent enough time in Eugene, Oregon)

18Iced Milo! And my sister too I supposed

111–and fluffy Kaya toast

112Notable architecture

113Lots of awkwardness with seeing friends again. Like this here tree and street light sort of awkward hugging

114Pedestrian life! and did I mention architecture? Yeah, architecture.

116Finally, getting to run around bare foot, or in flip flops, and then putting my feet in my sister’s face! That’s the life…


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